Because the most important relationship in your life,

is the one with yourself

"Through my coaching, you will learn to understand,

accept and value the different parts of yourself. 

By doing so you become more confident, secure and whole,

which allows you to create and maintain healthy & loving relationships."

- Lennart Klipp -

Marble Surface

"A quiet oasis in the heart of Los Angeles"

"A safe space for you to figure out what you really want and need"

"The perfect place to pause, reflect and tune in to your true self. Somewhere to examine and express your contradicting thoughts and mixed emotions" 

"A place where you can practice and develop self-care and self-love" 



Enhance your Personal Strength & Self Love

Career Coaching

Take ownership over your career

Couples Coaching

Work on improving your relationship

Leadership Coaching

Take your leadership skills to the next level

Beach Meditation

"What if you simply devoted this year

to loving yourself more?"



Want to start transforming your life? 

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145 S. Fairfax Ave, Suite 200/300

Los Angeles, CA 90036

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As a Dutch native I grew up in the Netherlands and received my masters degree in Psychology at the University of Amsterdam.


For 20+ years I have worked in many different countries all around the world, as a corporate trainer and -coach specialised in Personal Leadership.


Since 2016 I run a coaching practice in Los Angeles, CA to work with private clients on all issues related to personal strength and self-love.


I am a published author and wrote a book about dealing with adversity and inner conflict - and what to do when searching for happiness doesn't make you happy (published in the Netherlands in 2018, English edition coming soon).


This past fall I coached famous Dutch pianist Iris Hond in her search for Love for the TV-documentary series 'Iris and the 12 dates' (8 episodes), which aired on a major Dutch television network.